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Social Media Policy

To be a beacon of Jesus’ light in the community. By spreading His love, His word and His care.

Social Media Policy of the Hillcrest Presbyterian Church

This Social Media policy of the Hillcrest Presbyterian Church aims to protect the brand of our church
and to protect minors that come into contact with the church.

Social media in this document refers to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and the Hillcrest Presbyterian Website.

Social Media Use by Staff and Volunteers

All staff, whether temporary, voluntary or permanent, must ensure the values of the church as well as the Christian faith are reflected on their own personal social media.

Social Media Posting

  1. It is always important to ensure that whatever is appropriate in public in the physical world is appropriate in the virtual world. We must ensure this is adhered to with regards to all social media interactions as an organisation. This includes, but is not limited to, the sharing of prayer requests without consent, sharing a person’s medical information, sharing the discipling of staff or congregant members.

  2. Posts must never be out of line with the teachings and standards of the Presbyterian Church.

  3. Social Media site administrators will include the permanent staff at the church as well as those deemed fit to administrate in line with confidentiality and the codes and standards of this document. There will be a limit of 3 extra administrators, excluding permanent staff members.

  4. Administrators must always respond with an approach of love, grace and humility especially in the case of private messages to the outside world. If unsure of how to respond, send a message to the pastor to take a look at the message and give advice on response.

Child Protection on our Church Related Social Media Posts

  1. All youth under the age of 18 must have media releases signed by their parents or legal guardian to allow the sharing of their image on social media or their faces need to be blocked out.
  1. For all events with times and dates posted on social media especially with the inclusion of minors, there must be precautions to protect these minors at the event.

  2. Posts with minors must NOT include:
  • The minor’s or their parent’s name (including tagging).
  • The post must be posted after the event takes place.
  • Pictures of minors in swimming costumes.
  • The geo tag location indicator of the picture must be turned off before the photo is taken.
  • Minors in uniforms or reference to their schools