Ntokozweni Creche

Our mission at Hillcrest Presbyterian Family Church is to “To be a beacon of Jesus’ light in the community by spreading his Word, his Love and his Care.” One of the ways that we “Care” is by going out into the community and building up crèches in surrounding poorer communities to a level where they are able to administer quality, self-sustained care.

At Ntokozweni Crèche we arrived to find a building with no glass in the windows, no toilets for the children and just a very sad building but inside were housed beautiful little children and their amazing care-givers. We have been working on building up the infrastructure with other organisations at Ntokozweni and have so far completed a bathroom with flushing toilets and donated a number of items including a trampoline for the childrens physical development.

If you would like to get involved in helping to build up the crèches please contact us.