hillcrest presbyterian family church

Who We Are

To be a beacon of Jesus’ light in the community. By spreading His love, His word and His care.

We are a group of people who are on a journey with Jesus Christ. We love him and follow him.

We love to worship him in ways that are appropriate to all generations.We seek Jesus in prayer and read his Holy Word,

the Bible, when we are together and when we are apart.

We show our love for people both inside and outside the church by our care.

Our hope is that all people will feel loved and welcomed at Hillcrest Presby.

We pray that when you join us you will also meet Jesus Christ and experience him in a very real way.

Come as you are. See what we are like.


Brian Smith

Email: brian@hillcrestpresby.co.za
Cell: 031 765-1248

Youth & Children Ministery:
Kelsey van Wyk

Email: kidsandyouth@hillcrestpresby.co.za
Cell: 031 765-1248

Shelly du Plessis

Email: admin@hillcrestpresby.co.za
Cell: 031 765-1248


Mike Johnson

Email: mike.johnston@za.sabmiller.com

Cindy Crompton

Email: crompton.cindy@gmail.com

Watson Lifa

Email: cotwepworth@gmail.com

Maro Botha

Email: mbotha@kearsney.com

Bevan Gibson-Taylor

Email: bevangt@gmail.com

James White

Email: natalsnoek02407@gmail.com

Jean Clover

Email: ericandjean.clover@gmail.com

Michael Loxley

Email: mike.loxley@defy.co.za

Brian Smith

Email: brian@hillcrestpresby.co.za